Excess Black Bangkok Chicken

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Excess Black Bangkok Chicken – Understanding Casino Baccarat and the Way Most of the fighting cocks are very familiar with attacking their enemies. Surely you will look for sensitive parts first and then easily overthrow your opponents. That way, let’s see together what if previously the eyes were a sensitive part of the fighting cock.


And although the sensitive part turns out to also have an advantage of the eye which is very desirable and which not many people know about. Even many of the bobotoh are not aware that the eye is also the most important part in fighting.

Of course, in terms of having Bangkok chickens, it is necessary to make Bangkok chickens a little attractive and highly admired by people. For fighting cock lovers, they must be very careful in choosing the Bangkok chicken that will be superior. Even to the eyes of the Bangkok chicken that will be surpassed. It will definitely be looked at very carefully in order to get a quality Bangkok chicken in the battle arena.

The Majapahit Kingdom Age Has Developed Descendants of Fighting Chickens

Bangkok chicken which has become a prestige in ancient times and has existed since the time of the Majapahit Kingdom. Tended to be in that era there were lots of cock fighting at that time. In it there are many types of fighting chickens that have very different characteristics and from these villages have selected fighting chickens well. The goal is to be able to give birth to a fighting cock that is of higher quality, and will get a fighting cock that is very superior in the battle arena.

Included in the selection process, the things that are selected are also from the eyes they see. Whether the eye is qualified or not, it will be clear the quality of the fighting cock. Therefore, since the time of the Majapahit Kingdom, many types of fighting cocks have been selected for quality in order to create a quality offspring as well.

The Advantage Of Owned Eyes

It turns out that fighting cocks like Bangkok chickens also have an advantage that can be seen from their eyeballs. According to most of the cockfighting lovers bobotoh with black eyes. Fighting cocks are one of the special things because they are believed to have advantages. So that the eyeballs that are owned are like black, this has a high self-confidence. Not only that, the fighting cocks will not give up in fighting and are also brave. Imagine just seeing from the eyeballs, experienced bobotohs know that the chicken is of high quality.

Behind the black eyeball it is known that it has a special advantage. Not infrequently there are also bobotoh who are reluctant to have this type of eye which has black balls. Because it seems very ugly and uncomfortable to look at, let alone be used as a caretaker, most people only judge from the cover. They will be very sorry if they don’t get a fighting cock that has black eyes.

Excess Black Eyes Bangkok Chicken

Most of the fighting cocks that have black eyes are from a more accurate shot and also tend to rely on their sharpness when fighting. For the technique itself, using a technique to attack quickly which will make the opponent become confused. Even so, you as the master of these fighting chickens must provide special feed to make the chickens healthier and more qualified.

Especially also in terms of care must also be done with special care. And of course this fighting cock should not be given careless treatment that will cause harm to you. What is certain is the law to be precise, where the fighting cocks that are owned are of quality. You as the master must also take quality care for the fighting cocks

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